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- Group Show -

31st October 2019

Park Park Studios


Nathan French, Dirk Reimes, Ignacio Galilea, Moran Sanderovich, Sophie Soni, Eliad VL, Renato Settembre, Gregory Georgescu, Pol Bourdellon, Raluca Petricel

Performances by

Vincenzo Carta - 7pm, Jérôme Porsperger - 8pm

Maya Heiskanen - 9pm, Anne Fidler - 10pm

Soundscape by

Andrew Hanuman



Accessible Art Fair

10th - 13th October 2019


Rue Ravenstein 33, 1000 Brussels



Juiceland - A Group Shower

13th - 23rd June 2019, Vernissage 13th June 7pm

13-15 Rue Blaes Brussels


Ignacio Galilea, Sophie Soni, Nathan French, Dirk Reimes,

Manu Engelen, Raluca Petricel, Angelika Morozova



Performance Series

- ongoing -

Collaboration with and support of Artpotheek



Park Park Open Studios 

12th April 2019



Park Park Studios opening

24th April 2018

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