Eliad Viel (France)

I recognise the feeling of taking possession of a place in which we know that we will suffer. To move so easily and imagining the pain that each gesture will soon have. I dispose of the cameras, films, flash to be able to reach when I get back. The xanax, the betadine shower, the blouse, the cold. I fall asleep.-


On July 12, 2017 I get the psychological certificate for being able to dispose of my body. There followed a year and a half of medical interventions including three surgeries. In a society in which transgender people are asked to justify themselves before they can explain it to themselves, this series of photographic and video documentations in which - « I » is another - shows a body that has become political. It aims to expose the mental process of a desired medical course that was not decided by health reasons. In which it is given to see to myself as much as to the spectator the search for an un-gendered, non-sexualised identity.