Dirk Reimes - CV

Biography and Education



Diploma in fine arts


École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts de Lyon, France


2012 - 2018

Fine Arts Studies at State Academy of Fine Arts Stuttgart, Germany with Christian Jankowski, Mike Bouchet, Christoph Doswald


2002 - 2012

Creative Director at Amedick & Sommer Neue Medien, Stuttgart, Germany



Graduate Business Engineer in Advertising and Market Communications at HdM University of Applied Sciences, Stuttgart, Germany



Born in Schopfheim, Germany





Park Park Studios, Brussels




Park Park Studios, Brussels

“things falling apart”

Kunstbezirk Stuttgart, Germany


“I wish I was a curator”

Solo exhibition

Oncurating Project Space, Zurich, Switzerland


"Remembering Mobility"

Solo exhibition

Microssage Gallery, Stuttgart, Germany

“Cellular ground”

Diakonissen air raid shelter, Stuttgart, Germany



Solo exhibition 

Oberwelt, Stuttgart, Germany


"The Great Infinity Pool Vol. 3"

Museum Folkwang UG, Essen, Germany


"All the things you could be by now if you wouldn't descend into chaos"

Fluxus, Stuttgart, Germany


“From There To Now”

Bubble Art, Lyon, France



"we don't have a problem with Sindelfingen because we are invited"
Gallery and public sphere of the city of Sindelfingen, Germany

"Theater der Dinge"
Schaubude Berlin, Germany


Public sphere of (mainly) Zurich, Switzerland

ArtBox Thalwil, Switzerland



Institut für Alles Mögliche, Berlin, Germany


"Leszno 34/36 - Nice Flat @Warsaw"

Warsaw, Poland




14. Augsburger Kunstlabor, Augsburg, Germany


"Bau und Überbau" and "Nichts als Raum"
Hausgeburt, Stuttgart, Germany


"Dann ist das Bauen eine wüste Sache"
Oberwelt, Stuttgart, Germany



"2041. Endlosschleife"

Württembergischer Kunstverein, Stuttgart, Germany


"Just – Episoden in der Calwer Passage"

Temporary art project, Stuttgart, Germany


"Innovationen mit System"

item Kunstpreis für Malerei, Ulm, Germany